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Cardiff City Settle With Insurers Over Sala Death – Trust Chair Comments

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Trust chair Keith Morgan writes to Trust members on the announcement of a settlement with insurers over the death of Emiliano Sala.

The club has formally announced that they have reached a settlement with Miller Insurances LLP in respect of the High Court Claim in connection with the tragic death of Emiliano Sala.

The terms of the settlement between the parties are to remain confidential.

At the meeting between the club and fan groups on August 12, 2023, Mehmet Dalman provided an update on litigation and stated that the Club was in “negotiations” with the insurers suggesting a possible settlement. However, he asked me not to report that in the note that he knows we always prepare for members as he was concerned that any publicity might compromise the negotiations that were taking place.

As you will know, the Emiliano Sala transfer fee has been settled in full and the transfer embargo has been lifted with effect from the January transfer window.

The payment of the transfer fee is likely to have been offset by the use of the provision made in the 2019-20 accounts to cover the outstanding fee so the receipt of this settlement will only enhance the current club financial situation and ensure compliance with the Profit and Sustainability rules.

This is, indeed, a good news story


Keenor Play Receives Rave Review

You will recall that we alerted you to a production of a play entitled Keenor: The Original Bluebird. The life of Cardiff City Captain Fred Keenor from the Horrors of World War 1 to victory at  Wembley in 1927.
The first performance took place on Friday, August 25th, and was very well received.

Trust member Graham Terrell wrote to the Trust after attending the first performance.

“I came down from London a day early to go and see the show.  I thought it was superb, both the play and the writer who played his character, Fred Keenor, himself.

“I have spent some time on stage myself, and I know after Friday that Rhys Deans has quality as a writer and as a performer, and both are shown in his play.  It deserves and should have many more performances in and around as many venues as possible in Cardiff, especially at the CCFC Stadium.

“Thank you for a splendid evening to Rhys Deans and to the Trust for bringing the event on Friday to my attention. Everyone who hasn’t been to the show should make sure they make it to the performance on September 15th.”

Author and Bluebird Rhys Deans will put on his next performance at Little Man Coffee Co, Ivor  House, Bridge St, Cardiff CF10 2EE on September 15th, 2023 – doors  open at 7pm

Details of ticketing can be found on the enclosed link.

Trust Chair Reports On Meeting With Mehmet Dalman

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Trust chair Keith Morgan reports to Trust members on a meeting held before yesterday’s match against QPR between the club and fan groups

Dear Member,

As I promised, here is a note of the meeting that took place prior to the QPR game between Mehmet Dalman and representatives of Fan groups

Attending from the club were Mehmet Dalman (Chair), Ken Choo (Chief Executive), Phillip Jenkins (Finance Director), Wayne Nash (Director of Operations), Amy James (Head of Fan Experience), Mark Denham ( Head of Communications), Paul Corkrey (Supporters Liaison Officer).

Members of the Supporters Trust, Supporters Club, Disabled Supporters Group and Travel Group were also present.

Mehmet Dalman welcomed everyone to the meeting and stated his intention to hold more informal meetings to improve links with fans over and above the formal meetings that already take place.

A broad range of issues were discussed in a very informal and positive atmosphere. It was agreed by all that the season was commencing in a very positive light and everyone was looking forward to the new league campaign.

The issue of new signings was raised. MD was hoping that 2 further signings, one permanent one loan, would be made before the window closes.  There would also be further players being loaned out. He also paid tribute to the vision and efforts of Steve Borley in the recruitment of Aaron Ramsey.

MD stated that the litigation with Nantes and the Club’s Insurers is continuing.

The question was raised concerning the projected financial position for the current season. Phillip Jenkins stated that the expectation was that the club would trade within the permitted limits of Profit and Sustainability. He reminded the meeting that the payment in full of the Emiliano Sala transfer was covered by the provision made in the balance sheet in the 2018/19 accounts. He also mentioned that the financial position of the club would be under close scrutiny by the EFL to ensure our compliance.

Phillip Jenkins stated that current season ticket sales were 14,200, a position that the club was very pleased with given the poor season we had last year.

Wayne Nash outlined the club’s approach to a Fan Advisory Board which is one of the recommendations of the Fans Led Review of Football. He referred to consultations he had had with Supporters Groups and stated that he envisaged a Fan Advisory Board meeting 4 times per year. There will need to be further discussions to move this issue forward. Wayne also stated that there would be a twice-yearly Fans’ Parliament open to a wider group of fans as well as the usual Supporter Liaison meetings.

Ken Choo emphasised the club’s continuing commitment to producing a programme. He mentioned that they would be looking to utilise more recycled paper in its production which is in line with the Club’s pursuance of the EFL Green Clubs Scheme.

Keith Morgan 


Match Day Buses Are Back!

We’re delighted that Cardiff Bus has re-instated the shuttle bus from Cardiff City Stadium to the city centre before and after league games, starting with the QPR game.

The Trust has been very pro-active in raising the issue with Cardiff City officials after members told us how valuable they found the service w. The club also had positive discussions with Cardiff Bus and details of the service can be found on the following link to the Cardiff Bus website:

As will all these services its long-term future will depend on how well it is used by supporters.

A Word From Trust Chair Keith Morgan

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

As the new 2023-24 season is nearly upon us just a quick word from me.

Firstly, many thanks to all our members for your continued support for the Trust board and all we attempt to do on your behalf. It is much appreciated. The more members we have, the greater our voice in club and general football matters. We would ask members to encourage their friends and relatives to join us.

Our involvement in matters such as the recent Government White Paper has helped lead to big changes in the way clubs will be required to liaise and consult with their fanbases.

Therefore, in order to best implement and push through those changes, we are always looking for new members to join the Trust board. Please email us or call into the Trust office, near Gate 5, on match days if you would be interested in this.

Through the summer break, the Trust has remained busy with involvement in ongoing projects, such as the Memorial Garden and the Disabled Supporters’ Room at the ground, plus the Cardiff City Academy building in Llanrumney.  In addition, there is ongoing dialogue relating to the formation of a Fans Advisory Board at the club giving fans a far greater voice in club decisions impacting on them.

In football terms on and off the field, we have seen a number of major changes in recent months with a new manager in Erol Bulut and some new player signings, including of course, Aaron Ramsey, despite the club being under an EFL restriction that prevents it from paying permanent or loan transfer fees for players until January 2024.

When I was writing this article, it was great to hear that Josh Bowler had been signed on loan from Nottingham Forest for the Championship campaign.

An agreement with FC Nantes regarding the Emiliano Sala transfer was also completed to avoid a repeat of sanctions in the future.

As fans, all we can contribute is our ongoing support for the team and the manager even if and when results do not go to plan as it may take a short time for the new-look team to gel together.

Personally, I can’t wait to get back to my seat in the ground with my mates and cheer on the team. Let’s hope we have a great season ahead.

Keith Morgan, Chair