The Trust has been offered 40 tickets for a supporters’ meeting with City manager Russell Slade next Wednesday (6.30pm) at the Cardiff City Stadium.

This is your opportunity to ask the manager about the season so far and our prospects for the rest of the season.

The tickets, which are free, are offered on a first com, first served basis. You will NOT be admitted without a ticket.

The main reception doors will be open at 6pm with the Q & A to start at 6.30pm and conclude at 7.30pm in the Ricoh Suite.

If you are interested in meeting Russell then please email as soon as possible. You MUST include your Trust membership number to guarantee a ticket.

As some members may know we have been asking for a meeting with the manager for a little while and the Trust is pleased that a date has been found and we look forward to the discussions.


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Cardiff City Foundation

Cardiff City FC Foundation has launched its new Walking Football session for over 45s on Thursdays (3-4pm and costing £3) in the House of Sport Two.

The Foundations aim is to get as many people involved and participating within physical activity on a weekly basis as possible.

The Walking Football Project is aimed at promoting the benefits of a health, wellbeing & social impact that physical activity can have on people.

The foundation said that it was beneficial to staying fit and healthy, whatever age you are, and playing a physical game such as walking football can help individuals:

  • Build strength
  • Improve muscles
  • Increase your core stability
  • Lose weight
  • Reduces Stress
  • Psychological benefits

Along with the heath, wellbeing and social benefits involved with the project, the Cardiff City FC Foundation is looking at setting up its own team in order to represent The Foundation in a number of competitive fixtures during the season.

More information is available from Tom Knight on 07825 323561 or email

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Trust chair Tim Hartley provides a November update from the Trust

It has been a strange season so far and though our position in the League is ok we haven’t had that much to shout about. The Trust is keen to help try to inject some more passion into the club and has been looking at ways to improve the relationship between the club, the team and the fans.

We have met to discuss improving the atmosphere and hope the flags initiative and proposed fan zone does take off. We are still waiting for that first meeting for fans with Russell Slade. Let’s hope that this gets sorted soon. It’s vital that we feel we are pulling together as one.

At a recent board meeting it was decided to revamp our Business Plan so that we lay out what we can all expect from the Trust. This will be based around the priorities we agreed at our AGM in May.

They were:

Dialogue – To represent the views of members and ensure effective dialogue between them and Cardiff City AFC.

Participation and Representation – To increase supporter’s influence and campaign for supporter representation on the Club board.

Community Activities – To strengthen the links and understanding between the Club, its supporters and the community it serves.

Connection – To work with stakeholders, opinion formers, other supporters’ bodies and organisations so that the Trust develops as a positive, inclusive and representative group.

The Trust wants to improve communication with members and is looking for people to help with the website and with social media. We aim to hold more events like the successful former players evening we held at the Cardiff City Stadium. It’s great to be able to reminisce and meet our heroes from the past. We will also hold events for members and guests outside Cardiff, following on from the great night we had at Aberdare. If you would like us to organise an event in your area then do get in touch.

On the national level we await the report of the Government Expert Working Group which we hope will ensure formal supporter engagement and make owning significant shareholdings in clubs easier.

In case you missed them, we have uploaded the first of our oral histories onto the Trust website. Click on the icons to hear people talk about their memories of following the City today and yesterday. If you would like to record your, your friends’ or your family’s histories then get in touch.

There’s a lot to be done so if you want to help us build the Trust and support the City then contact or call into the Trust office at the stadium on match days and have a chat. It’s between gates 4 and 5.

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The mother of Jacob Schilt, one of the two footballers who died in the Shoreham air crash in August has written to the Supporters’ Trust to thank them for their support.

Jacob and Matt Grimstone were on their way to play for Worthing United when the tragedy happened. They were among 11people killed when the aircraft crashed onto the road.

Cardiff City fans raised hundreds of pounds on the buses to the League game at Brighton, where Matt worked as a groundsman.

The Supporters’ Trust also made a donation to the REMF (Robert Eaton Memorial Fund), a charity set up by Brighton FC to support and develop children’s & youth football across the globe. Jacob Schilt had done a lot of work to support the REMF.

Jacob’s mother Caroline, who was born and raised in Llandaff, Cardiff, said: “The football community are amazing and have given us so much support and comfort at this terrible time. I have very fond memories of growing up in Cardiff and my mother was a staunch Cardiff City fan.

“Indeed, it is from my mother that Jacob inherited his love of football. She taught PE originally and taught the boys football at the Cathedral School and did some coaching at Llandaff City Church of Wales School.”

Thanking the fans for their support, Caroline said: “It is heartening to know that so many people care so deeply.”

The Trust would also like to thank everyone who helped raise the money for Jacob’s charity and  showed once again our ‘friendship through football.’

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