Fans’ Representatives Meet Senior Cardiff City Management

Trust chair Keith Morgan provided a briefing for members with club chairman Mehmet Dalman before kick-off at the Middlesbrough game.

Dear Member,

Prior to kick off Mehmet Dalman, Ken Choo, Steve Borley, Wayne Nash, Phillip Jenkins and Mark Denham met with members of the Trust Board and Fans Advisory Board

Mehmet was asked whether he considered the season to be a success. He stated that, given the position we were in last season coupled with a transfer embargo the possibility of finishing in the top 10 was beyond expectations . He thought that, under the circumstances, the last 2 transfer windows were more successful than anticipated.

The issue of an overall strategy for the club was raised. Mehmet conceded that a strategy for the club has been lacking in previous years but a path forward is now clearer with the appointment of an experienced manager and that it is important that this progress is continued. It was evident from the conversation that he is in favour of extending the contract of the current manager with whom he has had lengthy discussions specifically on the structure of coaching staff at all levels in the club, what areas of the team who need strengthening as well as resources to underpin this.

He confirmed that, contrary to rumours, at the moment, there are no discussions with any party in respect of the sale of the club. He also re-confirmed that Vincent Tan has not changed his position in that he will not sell the club to Sam Hammam or any organisation he may represent

Reference was made to the current litigation with Nantes. Mehmet confirmed that Chris Nott of Capital Law would provide an online briefing to members of the FAB and Trust Board in the forthcoming week.

Phillip Jenkins was asked and was able to confirm that the Club was on target to be compliant with Profit and Sustainability. Reference was made to the last transfer window when the Club were obliged to provide the EFL with projections with certain assumptions taking into account our transfer activity. EFL considerations of these projections were the main reason why our signings were so late in the window. Phillip confirmed that the assumptions included in those projections have proved to be correct.

The progress of the Academy was raised. Steve Borley confirmed that the physical facilities are of Category 1 quality. However, moving from our existing Category 2 status would need significant financial investment in terms of staff which, at the moment, is not feasible but the new improved facilities are attracting youngsters from further afield. Work would also be undertaken to improve pitch drainage. It was mentioned that we had recently lost a promising young player to the Manchester City Academy. Steve Borley commented that, in reality, there is little the club can do to prevent this when the inducements offered are so attractive. He said that the regulations in respect of compensation for such moves had not changed for many years and were not favourable to the club losing the player. The one thing the Club can do is ensure that its Academy is such that young players will want to stay.

Emphasis was made on the need to ensure that loans of City players to other clubs were suitable and that they were to Clubs at a high enough level to ensure that there is an opportunity to enhance their experience. Steve Borley stated that the current crop of youngsters is very encouraging in terms of the future and every effort would be made to ensure that loans, where necessary, are appropriate.

The meeting was unanimous in its opposition to the position taken on FA Cup replays by the FA and Premier League. This led to a wider discussion on the difficulties in dealing with the Premier League and their opposition, based on pure self-interest , to the appointment of the Independent Regulator of English Football.

Keith Morgan