Sala Court Case: Update

Trust chair Keith Morgan provides an update on Cardiff City Football Club’s (CCFC) claim against FC Nantes over the Emiliano Sala transfer.

I have previously provided Trust members with regular updates on this matter, and the linked issue of a legal action against the agent involved Willie McKay. Discussions with sources involved now enable me to provide the following further update.

FC Nantes` initial defence to Cardiff City`s damages claim in May last year was lodged in November and was considered by CCFC to be a very poor one as its basis was that Willie McKay did not act for them in the transfer and did nothing wrong.

Since the lodging of the defence CCFC commenced an action against Willie McKay to discover documentation and correspondence contradicting FC Nantes` defence claims. This action is not yet finalised but is progressing.

CCFC has now lodged a more detailed claim with the Commercial Court in Nantes setting out Willie McKay`s negligent actions leading to the fatal plane crash where Emiliano Sala tragically lost his life and why, under French law, his actions as their agent makes FC Nantes liable for CCFC`s consequent financial loss. The claim is in excess of Euros 100m.

Leading football analysts have forecast the probability of Cardiff City not being relegated if Sala had played at 54%-62%.

A judge is due to review the updated claim document tomorrow (Monday, April 22).

Keith Morgan, Chair