Trust Condemns Axing Of FA Cup Replays

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Trust chair Keith Morgan has written to members about the axing of FA Cup Replays from the 1st Round and the latest in the football governance bill’s progress through Parliament.

Dear Members

Axing FA Cup Replays

You will have read that the FA and Premier League have agreed to axe FA Cup replays without full consultation with the English Football League (EFL). This is outrageous.

We all know how important FA Cup runs are for smaller clubs and often save some from a financial crisis.

The way this change has been pushed through without any consideration of fans is simply not acceptable. Over 700 clubs enter the FA Cup, yet it seems the format is being dictated by the so-called Big Six or Seven. We suspect that many of their fans will also not support the action.

Replays are very much part of the history and magic of the FA Cup and for that to be removed from Round One is just not on. It treats smaller teams and fans with contempt.

I’ve been in touch with the Football Supporters’ Association (FSA) to raise our concerns and they will be holding an emergency council meeting on Tuesday, April 23, to discuss the response of fans. They will be discussing a range of options for a protest.

Football Governance

Members will recall the involvement of the Trust in efforts to give fans a greater say in the running of clubs.

On Tuesday in Parliament, there is the second reading of the Bill that will also lead to the appointment of an Independent Regulator for our sport.

I’m pleased to say that the Bill has the support of both front benches of the two main political parties as well as MPs from smaller parties, so hopefully its path through Parliament will be smooth and become law before the forthcoming g UK General Election.

We are pleased that many of our local MPs are actively supporting the legislation.

 Keith Morgan