Cardiff City Settle With Insurers Over Sala Death – Trust Chair Comments

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Trust chair Keith Morgan writes to Trust members on the announcement of a settlement with insurers over the death of Emiliano Sala.

The club has formally announced that they have reached a settlement with Miller Insurances LLP in respect of the High Court Claim in connection with the tragic death of Emiliano Sala.

The terms of the settlement between the parties are to remain confidential.

At the meeting between the club and fan groups on August 12, 2023, Mehmet Dalman provided an update on litigation and stated that the Club was in “negotiations” with the insurers suggesting a possible settlement. However, he asked me not to report that in the note that he knows we always prepare for members as he was concerned that any publicity might compromise the negotiations that were taking place.

As you will know, the Emiliano Sala transfer fee has been settled in full and the transfer embargo has been lifted with effect from the January transfer window.

The payment of the transfer fee is likely to have been offset by the use of the provision made in the 2019-20 accounts to cover the outstanding fee so the receipt of this settlement will only enhance the current club financial situation and ensure compliance with the Profit and Sustainability rules.

This is, indeed, a good news story