Keenor Play Receives Rave Review

You will recall that we alerted you to a production of a play entitled Keenor: The Original Bluebird. The life of Cardiff City Captain Fred Keenor from the Horrors of World War 1 to victory at  Wembley in 1927.
The first performance took place on Friday, August 25th, and was very well received.

Trust member Graham Terrell wrote to the Trust after attending the first performance.

“I came down from London a day early to go and see the show.  I thought it was superb, both the play and the writer who played his character, Fred Keenor, himself.

“I have spent some time on stage myself, and I know after Friday that Rhys Deans has quality as a writer and as a performer, and both are shown in his play.  It deserves and should have many more performances in and around as many venues as possible in Cardiff, especially at the CCFC Stadium.

“Thank you for a splendid evening to Rhys Deans and to the Trust for bringing the event on Friday to my attention. Everyone who hasn’t been to the show should make sure they make it to the performance on September 15th.”

Author and Bluebird Rhys Deans will put on his next performance at Little Man Coffee Co, Ivor  House, Bridge St, Cardiff CF10 2EE on September 15th, 2023 – doors  open at 7pm

Details of ticketing can be found on the enclosed link.