Trust Vice Chair Gives Lowdown On Meeting With Cardiff City

Trust vice-chair Mike Spear reports on a meeting with club chairman Mehmet Dalman, chief executive Ken Choo and club representatives before yesterday’s Watford game.

We were invited by the club at very short notice to a meeting chaired by Mehmet Dalman at 12.15 pm on October 7th. Also in attendance from the club were Ken Choo, Philip Jenkins, Wayne Nash, Amy James, Mark Denham, James Bibby and Paul Corkrey. Representatives from the Supporters’ Trust, Supporters Club, Disabled Supporters Group and the Travel Group also attended.

Mehmet Dalman opened the meeting by saying that he had no agenda and the floor was open to questions from supporter Groups and the meeting was part of his commitment to improved communication.

The positive atmosphere surrounding the club at the moment was emphasised although the current injury list was a cause for concern. Mehmet commented on the defeat at Middlesbrough and the fact that the players had really taken it to heart.

There was discussion about improving attendance. Mehmet stated that the impact on the team of having a larger crowd was of more significant importance than the financial effect. The difficulties of public transport at the moment were of concern although issues with the rail services from the Valleys were beyond their control but the reinstatement of the bus service from Cardiff Central Station was a plus. It was agreed that the club’s work in the community was important, specifically schools. A supporter rep mentioned an opportunity at Llanishen High School for players to be involved and Amy James undertook to look into the matter.

The positive news of the insurance settlement was welcomed. He mentioned the lengthy negotiations that Ken Choo had undertaken the outcome of which will remain confidential.

Finance director Philip Jenkins confirmed that the provision in the balance sheet had been utilised to cover the payment in full of the Emiliano Sala transfer fee. He also confirmed that the insurance settlement sum had been received. As a consequence of the application of the balance sheet provision to offset the Sala transfer fee the insurance settlement was “bunce money”. When asked if any of it would be available to strengthen the team in January, Mehmet carefully responded that due consideration would be given to ensure compliance with profit and sustainability before making any such decision. However, he did say that the club had tried to sign a player this week but there were some legal issues that could not be overcome.

Mehmet was asked about the latest situation regarding the Nantes litigation. He commented that it was ongoing but thought that he might be in a position to provide a further update nearer Christmas.

Mehmet was asked about players out on loan and whether their progress was being tracked as there was a suggestion that some of them may not be getting the game time that the club might like. He stated that he would get the Academy Manager to review the situation.