The Dedicated Long Distance City Fans

imageFor many of us a visit to the Cardiff City Stadium is a short trip across the city or down from the South Wales valleys.

But some Cardiff City fans regularly travel from all across the UK – including Staffordshire, Norfolk and Poole – to watch the Bluebirds’ in action at our stadium. Some fanatics even make special trips from abroad.

One of those long distance supporters is 57-year-old Ian Dixson. Ian said: “My first match was in 1969 when I was eight. I live in Kinver in South Stafforshure, north of Kidderminster. Door to stadium door it’saround 2 hrs/100 miles.

“That said my parents live in Rhiwbina so I usually visit them for lunch first then go to the stadium. I have held season tickets on the Bob Bank and Canton 104 and used to travel with my son when he was younger. He now lives in Portsmouth and we can only meet up for occasional home/away matches as he doesn’t own a car… most matches I travel on my own now.

“I took voluntary redundancy last year so, in theoryhave more time to attend matches but, after 34 yrs in education now enjoy
cheap out-of-school holiday trips so now book matches on a “when available” basis and have just started using a flexi- ticket.I can still be found in the Canton 103/4.”

Thanks to Ian for letting us know about his long distance trips. If you travel a long way to home games, please let us know at