Trust welcomes easing of restrictions on City fans heading for Leeds

The Trust has welcomed a partial lifting on restrictions on Bluebirds fans going to next month’s Leeds United game.

Board member Keith Morgan contacted our counterparts at Leeds United to seek their help in lobbying for changes to be made to the early kick-off originally proposed and the voucher system.

In an email, Keith Morgan wrote: “I am a member of the Cardiff City Supporters Trust board and am writing concerning the arrangements and restrictions being forced upon our fans for our forthcoming visit to the game.

“ As you are probably aware, restrictions for your fans this season at the Cardiff City Stadium were greatly relaxed from those in previous seasons on the agreement with Leeds that the same would apply for the return fixture. However, Leeds now have reneged on that agreement, now insisting on both an early kick-off time and a ticket voucher exchange system at a remote location before they will issue any tickets to visiting fans.

“Are you aware of the issue and as a fellow Trust organisation is there any pressure you can bring to bear on your own club to change their stance?”

Yours in hope

Keith Morgan

In the last of a series of e-mails to the Trust, Paul Keat of the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust, said: “I hope by now you have heard about the change in KO time for the fixture on February 2nd to accommodate extra travel time for away fans?

“We are unsure whether this would have been done anyway but think you should view it as a small victory to both Trusts to force the compromise. Unfortunately, the voucher system still stands, but this has long been the situation for a number of other clubs for several years.

It is, however, encouraging that a link stated: This change of kick-off time has been made possible due to the reduction in the potential of disorder as a result of the improved behaviour of the minority of fans who have previously acted in an inappropriate manner from both sides. We would appeal for this improvement in overall behaviour to continue for the benefit of the majority of fans.”  

Keith Morgan said: “The Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust are pleased that there has been a partial lifting of the restrictions on supporters wishing to travel to next month`s game at Leeds United. Although we feel that the remaining restriction of a voucher exchange is still unnecessary bearing in mind the recent record of excellent behaviour by our fans, it is a step in the right direction.

 “The change has been brought about by a combination of great work and pressure by CCFC and stadium manager Wayne Nash, the Supporters’ Club , the FSF and the Trust’s links with the Leeds United Trust who have been pressurising their own club and West Yorkshire Police on our behalf.”