The Management of Persistent Standing

The Cardiff City Supporters Trust has welcomed the findings of an independent report (click link below to download) into persistent standing at the Stadium. The report shows that the club has been successful in allowing fans in different sections of the stadium to enjoy the match day experience in their own ways – and that includes being able to stand throughout the match. It also says that standing in designated areas where like minded people also want to stand is not inherently unsafe.

Trust chair Tim Hartley said: “The club must be congratulated on taking a common sense approach to fans standing at games. Most people in the Canton Stand want to stand to support the team and they know that they can do so. Supporters in other areas prefer to sit down and in those areas persistent standing┬áthere is not be tolerated. The club has worked hard with fans to ensure we all enjoy the big games and we hope this partnership will continue into the Premiership.”