“Penarth Kev” – Trust Member RIP

“Penarth Kev” was a trust member and this is a tribute to him from our membership secretary Paul Evans:

“I never met the person who posted on the Cardiff City Online messageboard as “Penarth Kev”, but, over the years I came to regard him as a friend, so the news of his untimely death yesterday at the age of only 52 came as a complete shock. Kev was known mainly for his superb “Deep in the Bowels of the CCS” series of messages which were his light hearted take on how meetings between manager Dave Jones and former Chairman Peter Ridsdale concerning newsworthy events at the club might have gone. Here is a link to one of Kev’s “Deep in the Bowels” messages. I didn’t select that one because it was the best or most memorable of the series, the truth is, they were all very enjoyable as far as I am concerned and it’s just taken at random – Kev was a very funny man.

Away from his “Deep in the Bowels” series, Kev’s messages often brought humanity, optimism and a much needed sense of perspective to a forum which can get quite heavy and personal at times – my condolences go out to his family and friends.

RIP Kev, there’ll be more laughs heard in heaven from now on.”