Keith Morgan (Chair)

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Who are you? Keith Morgan.

Where do you live? Penarth

What do you do for a living? Chartered Accountant

Why did you join the Trust? To give a voice to the “quiet fan” whose views and opinions might otherwise not be heard as an individual.

Why would you encourage fans to join the Trust? So that they may belong to a sensible, democratic organisation, properly constituted and controlled and whose rules enable them to represent fans of the club without any hidden or personal agendas.

Why did you seek election to the Trust Board? So that I could assist the Trust as best I could by contributing whatever skills and experience I have in its decision making.

What is your aim for the Trust over the next 12 months? To help raise the profile of the Trust and communicate better to its members and potential new members its aims and benefits.

How long have you supported City? Since 1962 (so missed out on the club`s most recent season playing in the top flight by 1 year!!).

What was your favourite City match? Probably the victory over Real Madrid.

Who is your favourite City player/s? Current favourite Kieffer Moore. All-time favourite Ian Gibson.