General Meeting of Shareholders

On Wednesday 27 January, Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust Secretary Geraint Jones received a letter from Cardiff City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd Secretary Alan Whiteley in reply to the Trust’s recent request for a General Meeting of the company.

Mr Whiteley confirmed that the company’s directors are intending to call a General Meeting at some point in the near future. However, no actual date was specified for this meeting.

Therefore, having carefully considered the contents of Mr Whiteley’s letter during an emergency meeting on Thursday evening, the Trust’s board have unanimously voted to press ahead with the plans to make a formal call for a General Meeting of the company’s shareholders at the earliest opportunity.

As a result of this decision, a letter will be going out to all Cardiff City Football Club (Holdings) Ltd shareholders this weekend, while the Trust’s board will continue to work towards gathering the levels of support necessary to call for such a meeting. Members will be kept informed of all developments in due course.

Dave Sugarman
Membership Secretary

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