Cardiff City Transfer Embargo

Trust chair Keith Morgan

There has been mention on social media over the last couple of days of an EFL transfer embargo imposed on the club.

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair and football finance expert, has been investigating the matter and comments as follows:

“The EFL website states the embargo to have arisen from a breach of Regulation 51.2.3 – default in paying transfer fee instalments. This would appear to be merely a technical timing issue arising from loan fee instalments due to Liverpool and Arsenal the last of which were due to be paid in June.

“CCFC and the other two clubs had agreed a variation to the loan contracts enabling the final payments to be made this month instead. However, the EFL referred only to the original agreement and so deemed the non-payment by the original contract date to be a breach with the consequent embargo penalty.

“The final instalments due under the amended loan agreements will be paid in the next couple of weeks, enabling what would appear to be a rather unfair embargo to be formally lifted.”.