WANTED: Your Memories of Ninian Park

Do any ‘Bluebirds’ fans out there want to take us down memory lane with stories from your days at Ninian Park? Author Lloyd Thompson (lloyd.thompson@blueyonder.co.uk) is publishing a book and your views may be published in it.

This is what Lloyd wrote to the Trust:

How did you feel when your team ‘upped-sticks’ and left your old ground? Were you upset, frustrated or annoyed at your Club relocating or was it the best thing that ever happened? I know how strongly I felt when my team Bolton Wanderers left Burnden Park and moved out of town to the Reebok.

Having watched The Wanderers at Burnden for almost 30 years of my life I felt so devastated that I felt compelled to write an article which was published in just about every fanzine and magazine at the time.

Since then dozens of clubs up and down the country have moved home and I am looking for fans who want to tell their stories in a new book that I am releasing.

I am already a published author and being a massive football fan I want to write a book about football by the people who know best, THE FANS! I would really like to feature your contributions about how real fans feel when the team they love leaves its ‘spiritual home’.

So, if you are interested in having your say then please email me your stories and feeling, this is your moment to have your say! By contributing you could very well be published!

Please note no payments will be made for any contributions but the opportunity to feature in what I know will be the book of the century, you will live on forever – payment enough!!!