Trusts united ahead of the South Wales derby

Cardiff City and Swansea City Supporters’ Trusts have united to issue a Press statement ahead of next month’s east-west derby. It said:

Exactly one month before the first ever South Wales derby in the top division, Cardiff City and Swansea City Supporters’ Trusts have issued a joint statement urging fans to enjoy the day without taking the rivalry too far.

Fans of the Bluebirds and the Swans have been looking forward to this first derby in the Premier League ever since the fixture list was released.

Tim Hartley, chair of the Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, said: “These are exciting days for Welsh football. We have been looking forward to this fixture for years and the match will be a showcase for the two cities and also for Wales.

“Cardiff v Swansea has always been a passionate encounter with plenty of banter between supporters. In the past this has sometimes gone too far so it is important that fans do not overstep the mark and show each other respect.

“We want the derby to be remembered for all the right reasons – plenty of thrills and high quality football between two great rivals played in the right spirit. So we are saying to fans, support your team, but please ensure at all times you do it in the right way.”

Phil Sumbler, chair of Swansea City Supporters’ Trust, said. “It will be a passionate and noisy encounter and a chance for fans on both sides to showcase what is best about South Wales’ two Premier League clubs.

“It is important to ensure all post-match discussions are about the action on the football pitch and I hope all in the stadium enjoy what will be a fantastic occasion.”