Trust urges Cardiff City to wear blue kit at away matches

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust today called on the club to allow players to wear blue at all away games – unless there is a clash with the home team.

The appeal was made after Trust board member Keith Morgan contacted the Premier League to clarify the rules on kits and was told clubs could wear any of the approved strips at away matches.

In an email to Keith Morgan, the Premier League wrote:

Dear Keith,

When a club is at home, they must wear their home strip while the away team can wear any of their strips providing there is no clash.

I hope that clarifies the rule for you.

Kind regards,

Supporter Services, Premier League  

Keith Morgan, who is an accountant, said: “I contacted the Premier League to clarify Rule M13 and M22 concerning registered match-day kits to find out whether a club can wear any of its three registered kits.

“They have come back with a response which makes it perfectly clear there is nothing to stop that happening.

“The Trust board believes strongly that the club should wear blue shirts at all away matches in the Premier League, except if there is a clash such as games against Everton, Chelsea and West Bromwich Albion. And, of course, the majority of fans who travel away wear blue.

“Given the unnecessary off-field issues of the last couple of weeks, we hope the club management, including Vincent Tan, will look to build bridges with fans and ensure our traditional blue colour shirts are worn by the Bluebirds at the vast majority of away matches. The Trust, like the majority of fans, also in the future wants a return to blue at home games.”