Trust statement on season ticket prices

The Trust responded to a request for a statement on the more than 15% hike in season ticket prices for some Cardiff City fans.

This is what Trust chair Tim Hartley said:

“While season ticket prices for many fans have been frozen for a final fifth year, some supporters will face steep increases, particularly at a time when wage increases are being held down and inflation is now under 2%. Clubs need to ensure they do not price ordinary supporters out of football.

“Fans are being asked to guarantee their seats by the end of February when we don’t even know what league we will be playing. Some supporters may feel they could bear the increase if we retained our Premier League status while it might be considered expensive in the Championship, even with four more games.

“The season ticket offer for next season for those wishing to pay on the finance deal is also not as good as last season where the club guaranteed the application. This season they are not doing so fans who are turned down for credit might not be able to afford a season ticket. This will also lose the club potential income.

“The fans are the bedrock of the club and we need a full stadium.”