Trust statement on rebrand protest

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust issued the following statement in support of the demonstration for a return to blue:

“The Trust fully supports the proposed demonstration before the Liverpool match on Saturday, March 22.

“Early returns from the Trust fans’ survey show strong opposition to the rebrand from both Trust members and non-members and an overwhelming desire for a return to blue. The full results will be published later this month.

“We have detected a hardening of attitude as a result of the off-the-field controversies which have soured the club’s return to the top division.

“The Trust supports the strong desire of the protest organisers that the march is both peaceful and focused solely on the campaign to return to blue. Our mandate is for a change of colours back to our traditional one’s and to persuade the club owner to do so.

“The Trust would condemn without reservation any personal or racist comments or chanting. They have no place in any protest and those that are thinking of making such comments would be well advised to stay away.

“We know that once the protest is over all Cardiff City fans will get fully behind the Bluebirds when they take the field against Liverpool.”