Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust has asked potential investor Dato Chan Tee Ghee (TG) to meet its board members when he next visits Cardiff.

On his return to Kuala Lumpur, TG told board member Anthony Wedlake, who contacted him on behalf of the Trust,  that he hoped that meeting could take place ahead of the Cardiff City-Swansea City derby on Easter Saturday, when he is due back in the UK

In an email to TG, Anthony Wedlake said: “The Trust has been established for just over one year and has already established itself as the democratically elected voice of Cardiff City supporters with a fully paid-up membership of nearly 1,000 fans, a greater number than that of, for example, Arsenal Supporters Trust.

“The supporters’ trust movement in the UK has become increasingly influential and successful in representing the interests of ordinary fans. As you will appreciate, fans don’t have the luxury of changing ‘brands’, we are fans for life and it is important that we have a say in how our club is run.

“We would welcome an open dialogue with you as a new fan of Cardiff City and as someone with the potential to take the club forward.

“We believe, as you must do, that the club has tremendous potential with Premiership football a real possibility whilst also becoming a vibrant business,” added Anthony.

Tim Hartley, Acting Chairman of the Trust, said: “We’re delighted that TG responded so positively and promptly to our request for a meeting. We felt it was important to establish lines of communication with a potential investor and we hope a deal for additional investment into the club can be concluded as quickly as possible.”