Trust says no to Hull Tigers plan

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust has condemned moves to rename Hull City Tigers against the wishes of fans.

Tim Hartley, chair of the Trust, said: “We give our unequivocal support to the No To Hull Tigers Campaign.

“New owners who are investing in football clubs need to remember that clubs are not like any other business. Rich individuals may put their money into clubs but they are really only caretakers – the fans will be there long after they have departed. Clubs belong to their communities and the fans.

“Owners from outside the United Kingdom may not be aware of the prestige in being a City and having City in a club’s name.  For example, our friends at Swansea changed their name from Town to City as soon as they achieved City status.

“We urge the football authorities to listen to the views of fans and reject this name change. It would set a very dangerous precedent if this was approved.”