The Trust  held an open meeting on Tuesday, March 29th,  to discuss ideas for the future. Most people agreed that we need to offer more benefit to members. We would all like to arrange regular Fans Forums at the club where we have a chance to ask Dave Jones and some players questions. We held a very successful question and answer session with Tg and Dave before Christmas and we will be asking the club to make players available for another event. We will also be arranging an end of season event for Trust members and are working on the details of this.

I think we need to continue to grow our membership to the Trust on a month by month basis. In a crisis I am sure everyone would want a strong Trust, however ,with the City doing well in the Championship and with some sensible financial management at the club we need to be realistic about how many new members we can regularly sign up. Having said that we will be looking to improve on our ‘offer’ to members. Some of the ideas included more member only events, a member only section to the website, an annual card and Trust badge and the like. All great ideas.

At the moment we have a core group of people running the quizzes, band nights and community projects that the Trust organises. A greater number of open meetings are planned this year in order to ensure good communication of these Trust activities and to encourage people to become more involved. There was some discussion too about holding events outside Cardiff.  The Trust has had a couple of great evenings in Maesteg and Pontypridd and we are looking to organise something with the 1927 club in London. The Trust’s emphasis when holding events will naturally be in Cardiff because that is where the majority of fans reside but we are open to all invitations from other areas to participate in and help organise events in their areas.
It was good to see new faces at the  meeting. Thanks for coming.
C’mon the City!

Tim Hartley