Trust Hits Out At Project Big Picture Plans

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust has expressed strong concern over the so-called Big Picture proposals for the future of football led by Liverpool and Manchester United.

Trust chair Keith Morgan, a football finance expert, said: “The game of football is surely about all fans, not the favoured few top clubs and their billionaire owners. The lockout of supporters from football due to the pandemic has really illustrated what we all knew – football is nothing without the fans and they must be listened to.

“We share the grave concerns of the Football Supporters’ Association who have spoken out strongly on behalf of fans. Similar worries have been expressed by Cardiff City fans on social media on the implications for supporters of clubs who do not feature in the top echelons of the Premier League.

“While we understand the financial pressures many clubs are facing because of the loss of income due to the pandemic, we believe these proposals which concentrate power in the hands of a few clubs are fundamentally wrong and should be abandoned. Even the majority of Premier League clubs think it is a bad idea.”