Trust Hit Out At Lack Of Consultation Over Cardiff City Season Ticket Offer

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust has slammed a total lack of consultation with supporter groups over the launch of Cardiff City’s season ticket offer for 2020-21 season.

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair, said: “We fully appreciate the need for the club to generate cash following a long period of very limited income caused by the COVID-9 pandemic. But we are very disappointed at the cavalier way the club has launched the new season ticket without any official discussions with supporter groups. Sadly, it smacks of a lack of respect for fans.

“If the club had talked to us we might have been able to resolve some of the genuine concerns raised by our members and other supporters about this offer.

“There are so many questions that need answering. Why is the club not offering refunds if matches are played behind closed doors or if there are reduced attendance matches which supporters are unable to attend?

“The offer of streaming against no refund is not good enough and very poor value for supporters. The no refund offer  would seriously impact on families in particular, potentially costing them hundreds of pounds, if a number of games are behind closed doors.

“It is quite possible that full crowds may not return until 2021, yet the club is not offering refunds.

“There are also serious questions that need resolution including how the seating would work in the event of reduced attendances, about fans being allowed to sit together as normal and who exactly the opportunity to defer season tickets until 2021-22 applies to. Does it apply to only those who are shielding under government instructions  or other supporters that feel vulnerable?”