Trust comments on Cardiff City statement

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust today issued a response to a statement issued by Cardiff City FC about the future of the club and the change in the colour of team’s kit and badge.

Chairman Tim Hartley said: “We welcome news about the proposed investment, stabilisation of the club’s finances and especially the commitment to clearing our historic debts. However, there are still questions that need to be answered such as what happens to the proposed investment if there is no deal over historical debts with Langston and how much will actually be invested and over what period.

“While we understand that the Malaysian owners desire to change the kit colour and badge many fans will be disappointed by this. Others have expressed their support, but principally on the basis of the investment going ahead.

“This whole episode strengthens the case for supporter representation on the board of the club, as happens at Swansea City. It is something we have also said in evidence to the House of Commons Culture Select Committee inquiry into football governance. It is vital that the voice of the ordinary supporter is heard.

“We would also like to know more about what the changes actually mean for the club commercially.”

Tim Hartley said that the Trust was holding a board meeting tonight and the club announcement would be on the agenda.

“We will consult with members and monitor their reaction to the changes to the kit and the badge and report back to the club,” added Tim Hartley.