Last Friday saw new talent on the Welsh stand-up circuit give it their all for the Trust at the Duke of Clarence in Canton, Cardiff.It raised £236.10 and we signed up four new Trust members, all while having a good laugh.
Those that gave use access to their jokes books for free were Andy Wooding compare, Iestyn Jones, Paul Cornish, Jordan Brookes, Leroy Brito, Chris Chopping and Patrick Harries.
Many thanks also to Iestyn Jones and Peredur Emlyn for managing the event and to Tom Berwyn Price for manning the door.My favourite one goes like this – Two fish in a tank and one says to the other, ‘How do you drive this thing?’ The other fish goes, ‘My God, a fish that can talk!’ No? That’s why I kept it to myself…


Pictured are comedians Chris Chopping, Andy Wooding, Iestyn Jones and Patrick Harries. Trust member Beverley Dickson won the star prize in the raffle – a signed City shirt from the 2010-11 season.

Tim Hartley, Chair