Trust Chair Updates On Transfer Embargo and Cardiff City Legal Cases

Trust chair Keith Morgan updates members on a meeting with Cardiff City Chief Executive Ken Choo to discuss the transfer embargo and the legal cases the club is involved in.

There has been a lot of discussion among fans over several months regarding the above topics so this report to members is by way of update on the current position.

Transfer Embargo

I have been in correspondence with both the English Football League (EFL) and senior management of CCFC to seek clarification on this.

The EFL, through their Director of Communications Mark Rowan has stated in writing that CCFC is “not subject to a registration embargo”.

After raising this with CCFC officials they have stated that they do not agree with this statement as they have received different information from the EFL and will be raising the matter with the EFL.

I have asked the club to revert to me as soon as they have received a response from the EFL and they have promised to do so.

Legal Cases

Subsequent to the  Court of Arbitration For Sport (CAS) ruling against the club in August last year regarding the Emiliano Sala case, the club has reported that they will be pursuing the matter further through the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT), which is the Supreme Court, within whose jurisdiction CAS falls.

The club has informed me within the last few days that this matter is ongoing and they are currently awaiting a final decision from the SFT, all relevant paperwork having been submitted some time ago.

The club has also confirmed that its case against the club`s insurers/brokers continues to be pursued.