Trust Chair Reports On Meeting With Cardiff City Top Brass

Trust chair Keith Morgan reports on a meeting between supporter representatives and club chair, Mehmet Dalman and staff at Cardiff City Football Club.

Dear Member,

We were invited by the club to a meeting chaired by Mehmet Dalman at 12.30 on 11 November 2023. Also in attendance from the club were Ken Choo, Wayne Nash, Amy James, Mark Denham and Paul Corkrey. Representatives from the Supporters Trust, Supporters Club, Disabled Supporters Group and the Travel Group also attended.

The last such meeting, which I reported to you, took place as recently as 7 October and it is encouraging that the Chairman is prepared to engage with fan groups on such a frequent basis even if there is not necessarily anything of great significance to impart. These meetings are very informal and Mehmet encourages questions from all parties. He has previously stated that these meetings are all part of his commitment to improved communication and he is certainly delivering on this.

A question was raised from the floor about the prospects of signings in the January transfer window. Mehmet stated that the Club’s first priority was to remain compliant with Profitability and Sustainability. He stated that we are on budget to be compliant but there was a need to convert budget to reality by ensuring monies owed to the Club are paid. Subject to these provisos the Club are keen to improve the squad. The question was raised that, if a substantial offer was received for an existing player would the club accept it. The response from Mehmet was that everything is on the table but the Club would be extremely reluctant to lose a player who was key to maintaining the current on field improvement.

The subject of the Club receiving sponsorship from a Vaping company was raised. The Trust, the Supporters Club and members of the Travel Group expressed their misgivings over such an arrangement. Ken Choo responded that, after the current contractual situation ceases, the position will be reviewed.

Mehmet mentioned that a meeting had recently taken place with Nantes FC officials in France ahead of the Emiliano Sala transfer litigation. I will get a further update on the current situation from Mehmet Dalman and the Club’s lawyers as soon as possible. Mehmet has given me permission to speak directly to the Club’s lawyers so will advise you as soon as possible.

I was asked by Mehmet to provide those present at the meeting with the implications of the King’s Speech in relation to the Government White Paper on Football Governance and the specific impact on Cardiff City FC and its fans. I will prepare a summary of these issues and circulate to Trust members as well as other supporter groups. On this point, the Trust is already in advanced discussions with Wayne Nash on the formation of a Fans Advisory Board (FAB).

All in all, it was a very relaxed meeting which was very informative. I understand that, especially in relation to sensitive subjects such as the ongoing litigation, Mehmet cannot be as forthcoming as he might like but I feel the fans are being kept more in the loop in respect of Club affairs than has previously been the case.

Keith Morgan