Trust Chair Meets Top Cardiff City Executives

Trust chair Keith Morgan

Trust chair Keith Morgan held a lengthy and positive meeting recently with Cardiff City’s chief executive, Ken Choo and finance director, Philip Jenkins.

The meeting covered a range of issues including the Fan Engagement Index, which recently rated Cardiff City 81st out of the 91 clubs in season 2019-20. The Trust questions the rating given to the club in the index in terms of fan engagement as being unfairly low and we are aware that officials are working on other areas of concern, such as transparency.

We’re pleased to report that the club has already discussed at board level a tribute to the late great Peter Whittingham and an announcement on this will  be made closer to the time when the ground opens to fans.

Among other items discussed was the future season ticket process for the 2021-22 season. We were made aware in terms of timescale and pricing nothing can yet be finalised but the Trust will have a leading role as and when ticket allocations for a return to live games can be discussed.

In addition, Keith Morgan discussed a possible Cardiff City mural in the bay by the artist, Yusuf Ismail. The club made it clear it was keen to reach out to the BAME community that lives close to the stadium.

The Trust also has plans to set up a fans’ food bank at the Trust office, once supporters are allowed back into the Cardiff City Stadium.

We’re pleased that the club is working with us for fans and we’ll keep members informed about updates on the above issues and any others that crop up.