Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley and wife, Helen.

Who are you?  Tim Hartley

Where do you live?  Llandâf, Cardiff

What do you do for a living?  Journalist and writer

Why did you join the Trust?  I wanted to be part of a strong voice to help Cardiff City engage with us, the fans. The Trust works with the club and helps inform their decision making, which has to be a good thing. Together stronger!

Why would you encourage fans to join the Trust?  The Trust is nothing without its members. Get involved and have your say.

Why did you seek election to the Trust Board?  I wanted to strengthen the links between the club and the community it serves. Hopefully, I can use my experience in football governance and fan engagement so that we build a club that is about much more than just what happens on the pitch.

What is your aim for the Trust over the next 12 months?  Coming out of Covid, there will be many decisions the club has to make which will have an impact on supporters – ticket prices, fans returning to the stadium, how we get there, do we wear masks, buying food and drink on the concourse etc. We will ask members what they want and discuss all this with the club.

How long have you supported Cardiff City?  My first match was in 1970 and my family have been season ticket holders for 25 years. We just love it.

What was your favourite City match?  Beating Leeds in the FA Cup when they were top of the Premier League in 2002. What an atmosphere. I can almost feel it now.

Who is your favourite City player?  Kieffer Moore in the current squad – his workrate is phenomenal. Andy Legg would be my all-time favourite. He just oozed ‘City.’