The football app for fans







A message from the developers of the football app, High5it

Finally, a football app developed by fans, for fans, to show their positive appreciation of players and teams. If you like it? Then High5it and let the players know their efforts were appreciated by you.

At the end of each game, you the fans will see the most appreciated players during the game and the top player will become your man of the match, which can be viewed and shared through the High5it statistics.

But it doesn’t stop there, Will your team be the most ‘appreciated team’ in its division?

Will your team’s players make the divisions ‘super team of the week’?

It’s up to you to get behind your players and team; you’ve now got a platform to voice your positive appreciation at last.

High5it also covers everything in football and will automatically become your complete match day companion, every BPL and FL72 fixtures, all BPL and FL72  results as they happen, up to date news feeds, dynamic goal by goal league tables and a phone book chat facility which allows you to discuss the action with your friends.

Download is free and every user is instantly entered into a weekly draw where 50 fans will get £50, as a show of our appreciation to you for supporting High5it.

To read all about the app click on the banner above to visit the website . You can also use the App Store and Google play logo to instantly download