The UK Government has published its response to the parliamentary inquiry into football governance.

We, as a Trust ,offered evidence to this inquiry which considered the way football is run, the financial accountability of clubs and the role of supporters’ trusts.

Trust Chair Tim Hartley said: “The report from the Select Committee and the government’s response aims to help the football authorities to address the many challenges facing the game. We at Cardiff know that supporters’ trusts can be part of the solution for many clubs.

“It is now for the government to ensure authorities do actually reform themselves.  If they do not, then we repeat our call for a Football Law to be passed to ensure the viability of individual clubs and to ensure football is protected for the benefits of the whole community rather than simply for private business interests.”

The government response said: “Football in this country is unrecognisable from the position of two decades ago – better teams, safer and more family-friendly stadia, and growing success against racism and discrimination. Yet it has also changed into a multi-billion pound business whilst the corporate governance structures still look like they belong to another era. … The welcome global popularity of the English game has posed challenges which the existing structures do not yet appear to be equipped to respond to effectively…  At the same time, supporters’ expectations are at an all-time high, both in terms of their club and national team success but also their links and involvement with the club.’

The full government response can be viewed here:

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee report can be viewed here:

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust’s evidence can be viewed here: