Sarah Mizen hands over the donation from pupils and staff to David Craig

Ton-yr-Ywen school’s history group is undertaking a project on statues in Cardiff and as the Fred Keenor Statue Fund committee is fundraising, project manager David Craig, Fred’s nephew Graham Keenor and Phillip Nifield went along to give them a run down on our work.

This was followed by a tour of the Cardiff City Stadium, which included a look at the 3ft statue commissioned by the appeal committee and a tour behind the schemes, including the players’ dressing rooms. The children then went on to the nearby Glamorgan Records Office.

Teacher Sarah Mizen generously handed over £39 generously donated by pupils and staff at the Heath school.

And David Craig presented an 8 inch miniature of Fred Keenor to the school.

David said: “We’re so grateful for the generosity of pupils and staff at the school. It was a wonderful gesture which we really appreciate.”

  • Ton-yr-Ywen school pupils show their support for Keenor appeal

    Sarah Mizen is pictured with the Keenor miniature presented by David Craig

    We’re also delighted to announce a couple of other recent donations. A Trust member has donated £200 while £50 from Fred’s grand and great grandchildren, who are just nine and  aged 19. This brings to £650 the amounted donated by the Keenor family.