Post Match Light Displays At Cardiff City Stadium

Recent home victories have been celebrated at the end of the game by a light show emanating from the stadium floodlights mounted on the stands.

One of our Trust members raised the issue of the potential impact of the display on him, and others like him, as a light sensitive epilepsy sufferer, so we discussed the matter with the club, whose prompt and helpful reply can be summarised as follows.

When the lighting system was being designed for installation, the club had an expert`s report commissioned to ensure that the lights would not cause such a problem. The report, written by a FIFA,UEFA and Premier League approved expert, concluded that the frequency of the flashing lights being used by the club would not have a stroboscopic effect which might lead to problems with epilepsy.

In addition, as a “failsafe”, the club has positioned warning notices at turnstiles and in concourses stating that flashing images and lights might be used in the stadium.

We have asked the club to also ensure that prominent messages are also relayed via the stadium big screens by way of similar notification.