Police Ban Warning Over Flares

kieran-jonesTrust board member Kieran Jones reports from the latest Supporter Liaison Officer (SLO) meeting.

The Police have had some major problems with Cardiff City fans over the past three games with pyrotechnics/flares.

It is the first time in over 20 years that for three games in succession there have been cautions and arrests for pyrotechnics/flares.

The club will now be updating its fans’ charter in the next coming weeks.

Cardiff City and South Wales Police have decided the following:

  • Any fan found in possession or lighting a flare or pyrotechnic will be banned for THREE Years
  • South Wales Police will caution/arrest that individual as it is a criminal offence to enter a football stadium with a pyrotechnic/flare. There will now be a ZERO policy on this.
  • If a flare is dropped on the floor near you, under NO circumstances pick it up.If you pick it up even to move it for safety reasons you will be arrested and banned for 3 years. Easiest action is either kick it away safely or best still move away from it.
  • The club will not issue cautions, this will be an immediate ban.