Mother of aircrash victim thanks Bluebirds fans for their support

The mother of Jacob Schilt, one of the two footballers who died in the Shoreham air crash in August has written to the Supporters’ Trust to thank them for their support.

Jacob and Matt Grimstone were on their way to play for Worthing United when the tragedy happened. They were among 11people killed when the aircraft crashed onto the road.

Cardiff City fans raised hundreds of pounds on the buses to the League game at Brighton, where Matt worked as a groundsman.

The Supporters’ Trust also made a donation to the REMF (Robert Eaton Memorial Fund), a charity set up by Brighton FC to support and develop children’s & youth football across the globe. Jacob Schilt had done a lot of work to support the REMF.

Jacob’s mother Caroline, who was born and raised in Llandaff, Cardiff, said: “The football community are amazing and have given us so much support and comfort at this terrible time. I have very fond memories of growing up in Cardiff and my mother was a staunch Cardiff City fan.

“Indeed, it is from my mother that Jacob inherited his love of football. She taught PE originally and taught the boys football at the Cathedral School and did some coaching at Llandaff City Church of Wales School.”

Thanking the fans for their support, Caroline said: “It is heartening to know that so many people care so deeply.”

The Trust would also like to thank everyone who helped raise the money for Jacob’s charity and  showed once again our ‘friendship through football.’