Malky Mackay: A Statement

The Trust board has today issued the following statement​ ​

When the initial allegations of racist, sexist and homophobic emails were first revealed, the Trust board said that it would wait for the results of a Football Association inquiry, fully expecting that to be concluded within weeks. It has not.

We have recently been in contact with anti-racist campaigners and our members have again lobbied us to take action over the honorary Trust membership, originally awarded to Malky Mackay for his achievements as manager of Cardiff City.

The Trust is committed to working to bring together communities of all races and its partnership work with Show Racism the Red Card. The Trust, which has been commended for that work, abhors racism, sexism and homophobic behaviour in all its forms.

With still no timetable for the FA to report, we have decided to withdraw Malky Mackay’s honorary membership of the Trust with immediate effect.

The board is disappointed that the FA has yet to report but feels that it can wait no longer for the FA to come to its conclusion.

As members will know Malky Mackay, who has admitted using inappropriate and offensive language, is now a manager of a rival Championship club ​ and​no longer has any connection with Cardiff City.