Government threatens legislation unless Football reforms itself

Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust has welcomed the UK Government’s latest response to the Parliamentary inquiry into Football Governance.

The UK Sport Minister, Hugh Robertso,n says there has been slow progress in what he calls ‘much needed’ reform of the game and that unless there is significant progress before the start of next season he will bring in legislation.

The government agrees with Supporters Direct that there are three key areas where we need to see change:

The licensing system for club
The introduction of representative and balanced Boards at clubs.
Improved supporter engagement at club level.

Trust Chair, Tim Hartley, said: “This letter shows the success of the Trust movement’s lobby for football to stop dragging its feet and reform itself. Of particular interest to City fans will be the Minister’s insistence that we must have full transparency of club ownership and that the views of supporters are taken into consideration in any decision making. That kind of consultation was sadly lacking when Cardiff City decided to change the club’s colour and crest last year”.

Tim Hartley added: “It is also good to hear the government support moves to ‘actively encourage and incentivise the inclusion of supporter representatives on the boards of clubs’. The Trust has campaigned for formal and structured supporter representation. It is not a threat to clubs. Rather, such representation will strengthen clubs, improve the game and ensure that Cardiff City and every other club is properly rooted in the communities it serves. We look forward to seeing how our club and those who run the game respond to these challenges.”

The full text of the Sports Minister’s letter to David Bernstein, Chair of the FA can be found at –

The Cardiff Trust submitted two pieces of written evidence to the Culture Committee’s inquiry supporting these key principles.