FC Nantes Indicted Over Use of Unauthorised Agents

L’Equipe report

The Trust recently reported on the legal battles between Cardiff City and FC Nantes in the wake of the transfer of Emiliano Sala  five years ago this month.

Emiliano Sala tragically died after the light aircraft he was travelling in crashed on its way to Cardiff.

We wanted to make members aware that, according to the French media, Nantes is involved in another significant legal case in its own country (criminal rather than civil) and have been formally accused of using unauthorised players’ agents.

The renowned French newspaper, L’Equipe reported on the issue on November 24, 2023.

The translated report said that FC Nantes has been indicted due to its ongoing relationship with unauthorised agents, including Bakari Sanogo, in particular: “that the managers of the Nantes football club have had recourse on a recurring basis, at least since 2015, to the employment of unauthorised sports agents, by establishing sports agent contracts and player employment contracts under the cover of nominees, both in the context of player transfer negotiations and in the context of negotiations of player contracts.”

I understand that Sanogo had involvement in the Sala transfer, alongside Willie McKay and his son, Mark McKay.

Back in June there were arrests in France of Sanogo, another agent Joaquim Batica and the club president Waldemar Kita and his son, Franck as part of an investigation opened by the Rennes’ Specialised Interregional Court.

We’ll keep members posted when we hear more from across the Channel.

Keith Morgan