Fans call on the club to have more dialogue with supporters

Cardiff City fans have sent a clear message to the football club – ‘we want more information from you on your future plans’, a survey by the Trust published today reveals.

A total of 83% of the almost 700 supporters who responded to the poll of Trust members and non-members urged the Trust to focus on getting more information on the club’s future plans.

Almost 60% of supporters (55.6% among Trust members) believe the Trust should oppose the controversial rebranding with another 26.5% disagreeing with rebrand but still accepting it. Outright support for the rebrand was 15%.

While more than 70% of respondents (73.7% among Trust members) want the Trust to lobby the club for a compromise kit and to work with members to suggest or approve a new design.

Tim Hartley, chair of Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust, said: “The results show clearly that ordinary fans want a proper dialogue with the club. Shareholders in the club, which include the Trust, have also not been consulted.

“As the only democratic voice of fans we are disappointed that our last meeting with the then club chairman was two-and-a-half years ago. We have written to the chief executive requesting a meeting with supporters, but have been told this will not happen until the season is over.

“The results of the survey, as it relates to rebranding, indicates continuing disquiet to the changes, although a sizeable number of fans have reluctantly accepted it.”

“The results will be presented to members and then reviewed by the Trust board to make sure that all points raised are properly considered and the appropriate action plan put in place. The Trust has also offered to present these findings in full to the club.”

Trust board member Jon Day, who organised the survey, added:  “We’d like to thank both Trust and non-Trust members for taking the time to fill out the survey.

“We look forward to having the opportunity to share these results with the club and considering ways of getting the fans’ voice heard in any changes at the club which affect them. Dialogue is crucial.

“While we have been watching some great football and are top of the League there is unease at the way fans have been treated. The club needs to work with its fans.”


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The survey results will be considered at a future meeting of the Trust board.

Other key results:

  • A total of 36.1% of fans (33.5% among Trust members) believe the past 12 months have been disappointing – even though the Bluebirds top the Championship. A total of 55.9% say it is either the best 12 months or better than average.
  • There was a mixed reaction to club’s dynamic ticket pricing with fans marginally backing the initiative.
  • Top two issues the Trust is urged to focus on are getting more information on the club’s plans and lobbying for safe standing.
  • Trust members want the Trust to buy more shares in the club and support events in the community.
  • More than 88% of Trust members believe the current membership fee at just £12 a year is about right.
  • A total of 61.7% of fans (67.5% among Trust members) are happy with the way the Trust has performed over the last year.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents highlighted the Trust’s work to complete the Fred Keenor statue as the most significant Trust achievement over the past year.