EFL Transfer Embargo: Impact On Cardiff City

Keith Morgan

Trust chair Keith Morgan provides a briefing on the implications of the transfer embargo imposed on Cardiff City.

There seems to be a little confusion on social media about what our club can and cannot do under the current transfer embargo, so I thought it might be useful to summarise the actual position under EFL rules.

1. The club can only bring in new players if it currently has less than the maximum level of 23 players of “professional standing”. These are players who have played at least one game (including as a substitute) in any first team competition for any club.

  1. New players cannot be permanent transfers for a fee but are restricted to loan signings or out-of-contract players.
  2. Loans are restricted to a maximum period of half a season and free agents can only be signed on contracts until the end of the current season.
  3. A loan fee cannot be paid in respect of any player brought in on loan and wages paid to him must be at a level no higher that the wages he was being paid by his parent club.
  4. If a player leaves the club on loan this does not reduce the number of professional-standing players. .Eg loaning out Max Watters to Barnsley does not free up a space to bring in a replacement. This only happens if we sell a current player permanently.