Club Top Brass Urged To Hold Meeting With Wider Fan Base

Keith Morgan, Trust Chair

Trust Chair Keith Morgan and Trust board member Mike Spear, along with a small number of representatives from other supporters groups,  attended a meeting at Cardiff City Stadium ahead of yesterday’s match against Middlesbrough.

The meeting had been called by club Chair Mehmet Dalman. Also representing the club were Chief Executive Officer Ken Choo and head of operations Wayne Nash together with Mark Denham (Communications) and Amy James (Fan Engagement).

The meeting was informal in nature but the main points discussed were

  1. All groups represented commentated that communication between the club and the general fanbase continued to be very poor and needed to be addressed urgently. It was suggested that a meeting of a wider fan base should be held as soon as practicable to deal direct with points of concern/criticism in a direct manner. Fans offered to arrange such a meeting with AJ and MD promising to attend and address such a meeting when arranged.
  2. It was also suggested to the club that it would be helpful if the club could outline to fans what the club structure was in its recruitment department as this is far from clear – are self-employed recruitment people used, who makes recruitment decisions etc?
  3. MD again emphasised that the CCFC board structure was very different to most as the club owner remains the sole decision maker on all major issues rather than the appointed board members.
  4. The meeting was informed that the club had requested support from EFL to have the current transfer embargo lifted but that such support had been rejected.
  5. Confirmation was also given that potential legal actions involving the Swiss Federal Tribunal and Nantes were still ongoing.
  6. All present agreed that the current position on the field was of great concern with a very real risk of relegation to League 1.