Club pledge on away games kit after “white-out” at Bournemouth

Cardiff City chief executive Ken Choo has sent the following response to an email today from Trust chair, Tim Hartley, who raised issues over the white kit used at Bournemouth and possibilities of a season ticket boycott by fans.

​Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your email. I fully appreciate and understand your concerns and the concerns of the Trust. I would be happy to meet with you next week.

With regard to the use of the white kit, I must highlight to you that this was a footballing decision, based on compliance with FIFA, FA & Football League regulations that state a club must do all it can to ensure utmost clarity between playing kits.

A footballing decision was made that playing in blue at Bournemouth could make us non-compliant with this stipulation, a risk we couldn’t take and one which would could have had a detrimental effect to the team.

The fact remains, of course, that many of our supporters were deeply hurt by our decision to play in a white kit. I understand why some have perceived this as insensitive, something that we want to put right.

In this respect, I can give you the assurances of the club that it is our intention from this point onwards to play in blue away from home for the remainder of this season, starting at Charlton next up.

Should there be exceptions to this (which we don’t foresee, aside from potential clashes due to progression in the F.A. Cup), then I will personally speak to supporters bodies in advance of the fixture.

I hope this clears up some of the issues you are currently facing, Tim.


Ken Choo