City Beat Real Madrid 50 Years’ Ago Today


March 10th, 1971 will live in the memory as perhaps Cardiff City’s greatest triumph.

That was the day when the Bluebirds defeated Real Madrid 1-0 at Ninian Park with a header from super striker, Brian Clark. At the time, Real Madrid was not the force the club has been during the last few years but it was still a landmark achievement.

Sadly, the Bluebirds lost the return leg 2-0 but they took Real Madrid very close.

There have been FA Cup successes and promotions but this match stands out above all for older City supporters.

Thanks to Trust member Chris Edwards for sending us an image of his precious framed Real Madrid collage as a memory from the night, as well as items from a 35th anniversary celebration held in 2006.

Chris wrote: “Can’t remember much about the match but remember the huge crowd roar on the Bob Bank, where I was standing, with my brother when Brian Clark scored. Up theĀ  City.”