Changes to Membership – Simplification!

The Trust Board is writing to let you know about a major change to the Trust membership scheme.  We’ve decided to move away from the current structure of having six different membership categories and to radically simplify things. In future, all adult members of the Trust will pay the same for their membership and we’ve set that fee at £12 a year. All under 16s living at the same address as an adult member may join the Trust for free.

We’ve made this change for several reasons. Every adult member has an equal share in the Trust (and a share in Cardiff City through the Trust’s shareholding in the Club), they all have a vote, and they all have a voice. It seems right that everyone should pay the same to be a member. Until now, we’ve had a kind of a Gold, Silver and Bronze membership scheme but now we’re saying, “Your membership costs £12 but please give more if you can.” Charging everyone the same for membership will greatly simplify our database and financial administration, our enrolment procedures and publicity material. Finally and most importantly, we want to make joining the Trust as simple and affordable for as many City fans as possible and this change will support renewed efforts to recruit new members in a forthcoming membership drive.

We believe that setting the annual membership fee at £12 will enable us to cover the basic running costs of the Trust but in order to develop the Trust further and support wider activities like members events, community initiatives, the Fred Keenor appeal etc. etc., we will need more than just membership funds. Up to now, we’ve relied upon the generosity of our members in the Phil Dwyer and Jason Perry categories and we’re appealing to them to keep paying at their current level. We’ll also be asking new members who can afford it to give annual donations of £12, £24 or £48 on top of their membership fee. All donated income we receive will be used responsibly to develop the Trust further for the benefit of members and half of it will be placed in a contingency fund. We’re relying on the generosity and goodwill of City fans to enable us to build on the good work we’ve started.

If you do want to make any changes to your current Trust membership or if you want further information about these changes, we’re always available to help and you can contact us by email at

Meanwhile, thank you all very much for your support of the Trust as we look to grow in numbers and influence on behalf of Cardiff City fans.

The Board of Cardiff City Supporters Trust