Your Supporters Trust is standing side by side with Plymouth Argyle as it becomes the latest league club to go into administration.

Along with fans from all over the country Cardiff City Supporters Trust has sent a City scarf to show our support for the club. It’s part of the Argyle Fans’Trust Groundswell campaign to highlight the increasingly desperate situation at Home Park. Supporters of all the 92 football league teams – and others – have been sending their colours. Fans will make a chain of scarves to take to Home Park. These will be laid around the outside of the pitch before the match against Rochdale on Saturday 19th March.

You can send a scarf too if you like – c/o the Trust to Rick Cowdery, PAFC, Home Park, Plymouth PL2 3DQ.

The Argyle Fans’ Trust was formally established on 15th January 2011 to be the voice of the ordinary fan at Home Park. It currently has more than 650 members and is actively working with the existing administrator to try to find a positive and sustainable future for the club.

All the best to Argyle!

Tim Hartley