Cardiff City Ticket Refunds: Trust Chair Comments

Trust chair Keith Morgan

With the remaining matches of the campaign set to be played behind closed doors, Cardiff City yesterday published their plans for existing 19/20 season tickets holders.

Commenting on the club announcement, Trust chair Keith Morgan said: “We’re pleased that Cardiff City has published the details of its proposals for season ticket holders and match ticket purchasers for the 2019-20 season.

“It appears from information received from the Football Supporters Association that there is no collective approach to this issue by Championship clubs with options varying club by club.

“However, if any of our members are unhappy at the options outlined by the club, we will put grievances directly to the club’s chief executive officer on their behalf. Members should email if they have an issue they would like us to raise.

“In addition, we will be seeking clarification from the club about what the loss of season ticket status and its benefits means for those fans who seek a cash refund. Would a “loss of status” apply for the rest of this season or next season when, for instance, there are usually early bird discounts on season tickets. Some fans may need a cash refund because of the impact of the coronavirus crisis on their family income.”