Cardiff City Supporters’ Trust Board statement following Vincent Tan’s interview

The Supporters’ Trust Board was concerned to hear that Vincent Tan would consider changing the name of Cardiff City. It was therefore encouraging to see the club move quickly to reassure fans that a name change was not on the horizon.

We believe proper prior consultation with supporters’ representatives would  have given Mr Tan a valuable insight into how a name change would be perceived by fans, and the consequent negative reaction could have been avoided.

Every City fan will welcome Mr Tan’s words when he says that, ‘Our name and identity remains at our core.’ Many supporters accepted the red shirts and new logo even if they did so reluctantly. However, we were all disappointed to hear that further changes were even being considered by the club. They are not necessary and can only serve to divide the fan base when we should all be pulling together to support the team at such a crucial stage of the season as the club pushes for promotion to the Premiership.

Mr Tan says he may sell the club if the fans are ‘rude.’ But respect works both ways and supporters too are stakeholders in the club. During his interview he stated that he would be fine with up to a quarter of our fans being unhappy with the changes he has imposed, and this we feel,  is disrespectful to many of our fans.

We believe that football fans have a right to be consulted on major changes at the club which directly affect them. It is almost two and a half years since members had a chance to meet TG face to face.

The Trust has again written to the club asking for a meeting with Vincent Tan so that he can explain how he sees the future for Cardiff City and we look forward to meeting him very soon.

Yesterday’s interview and statement makes the case again for a structured relationship with fans groups as well as proper consultation on any major change to be made a formal part of a football club’s licence. It cannot be left to the individual goodwill of clubs. Such a move would actually strengthen the club and ensure a deeper relationship with supporters.

An online poll showed that 58%  would give up their support if the name were changed to the Dragons. We really do not want that to happen. As a Trust we have asked many times for an explanation as to why these changes were needed but have not received any real explanation.

The Trust is conducting a survey of members and nonmembers which asks your views on a range of issues including the rebranding. If you have not answered it yet then please do –

httpss://  or call in to the Trust Office before or after the game against Derby on Tuesday March 5th.

As he stands down as Chairman we would like to thank TG for his contribution to the City. It was TG who got Mr Tan interested in the club and secured the initial investment. He was always open and frank with us when we met him and we hope that the new chairman will move fast to engage properly with fans for the benefit of the club.