Cardiff City Club Manager

Trust chair Keith Morgan writes to members about the managerial turmoil at Cardiff City

Dear Member,

I was taken aback as everyone else was when the announcement came that Sabri Lamouchi will leave the club at the conclusion of his contract and that the search for a new manager had begun.I emailed Mehmet Dalman to ascertain the situation.

He referred me to Ken Choo who then provided me with an unhelpful reply saying that he had to await decisions from both Vincent Tan and Mehmet Dalman. I also raised again the issue of football expertise on the board in the shape of a Director of Football which I know is a proposal that the Chairman supports but the Owner opposes. Mehmet Dalman did confirm that the answer is still no.

We now find ourselves, yet again, without a manager having come perilously close to relegation last season. We have a team that evidently needs to be strengthened in the challenging context of an embargo. In these circumstances the need for a credible managerial appointment is even more critical but, without some sort of football expertise at board level, one wonders whether this is possible. Our churn rate of managers over the last season does not fill me with confidence.

The lack of any specific information as to the reason for the current situation is unsatisfactory as far as fans are concerned and is symptomatic of the way the club is run by its owner.

Keith Morgan