Can you help sports writer Neal Widdows?

This letter was sent to the Trust by Neal Widdows

“I am an aspiring sports writer who has come up with a book idea that I would be very grateful for your help and support with.

The draft title of the book is ‘A blueprint for football’ and the idea is that the book will act almost like a manifesto from football supporters across England’s four senior divisions, illustrating precisely what the people who really care about the game want from English football.

The idea is to come up with a list of topic areas decided upon by fans, and then we use those opinions to create a survey where fans then vote on what changes they want to see in the English game.

Listed below is some topics I have come up with so far:

Finance: FFP, Wage Caps

Tickets: Prices, away allocations, away prices, cost of away travel, categoristion

Technology and Refereeing Standards

How to help the national team

League Structure: League 3 etc

Supporter Experience: Concourses, Food, Disabled Access etc

Television: Sky or terrestrial, PPV etc

Governance: Premier League, FA

Disciplinary Process

Merchandise: Kit Prices, Frequency of new kits etc

Winter Break

What I am doing right now is carrying out research on what other topics fans want to see in the book. Therefore, I am contacting supporters’ trust of all 92 clubs to ask for their opinions on what they want to discuss.

Therefore, I would be extremely grateful if you could share this with the members of your club or trust so that we can reach as many fans around England and ensure that we create a book that captures the thoughts of the great English football fan. ”

Anyone interested in contacting Neal with regards to the book should email me at


Neal Widdows